VP Holland says goodbye to CU

Photo courtesy of CU Public Affairs

Photo courtesy of CU Public Affairs

Charlene Belew
Managing Editor

A member of Cameron University for 18 years, former Vice President Jennifer Holland announced in mid-July that she was resigning from her position over Student Services.

While the announcement came as a shock to most during the summer holiday, it was clear to the campus that when Todd Holland, former CU baseball coach, announced his new job in Ft. Smith, Ark. that his wife, VP Holland, would be following.

“This is our home and this place has meant so much to both of us,” she said. “This is where we met. This is where we started dating. It’s just bittersweet to think about starting a new chapter in our lives.”

Starting a new chapter in their lives does not mean that they will be stripping themselves of their Aggie pride. Holland, a CU alumna, has promised that the black and gold will run in her veins forever.

“I definitely will still be a proud wearer of black and gold,” she said. “I know that I’m going to keep up with what Cameron does, where Cameron goes and what happens on campus. We’ll always be Aggies and we’ll always be Cameron fans.”

Holland, who started as a student at CU, held the position over Student Services for about eight and a half years. Originally, the position was titled “Dean of Students.” After Holland’s departure, the position reverted to its original title.

Although applications, which were released nationally, were due Aug. 1, Cameron University’s President John McArthur said they are in no hurry to replace Holland.

“Jennifer Holland’s impact on Cameron students during her tenure was significant, and we will search diligently for the person best suited to act as Dean of Students,” President McArthur said. “Although we want to fill the position in a timely manner, we will not rush the process. We will take as much time as we need to find the right person for the position.”

Three faculty members, three staff members and three students have established a committee, complying with policies established by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, to work through the hiring process. The committee is responsible for reviewing applications and qualifications and compiling a list of potential candidates to submit to President McArthur for consideration.

Holland was certain that her replacement would be the right fit for CU.

“You’re going to get someone amazing and they will be able to do wonderful things on our campus and create a vibrant campus environment,” Holland said. “There are so many capable, talented people, even on our campus. Someone will do a wonderful job in picking up the ball and even changing direction in a few places. I’m really excited to see what might happen.”

Although Holland will be taking some time off to spend with her three children, she is almost certain that her future will lie in higher education.

“I have a hard time thinking that I will not work in higher ed. There is just something about the campus environment that I love,” Holland said. “I’m pretty sure that’s where I’ll be but I’m going to take a little time to reevaluate what’s next.”



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