SGA Weekly: September 22, 2014

Kaley Paterson (SGA)
Kaley Patterson
Copy Editor

The third SGA meeting prepared members to write legislation and approved the members of the Supreme Court, the finance committee and two appointed officers.

To start off the meeting, Graphic Designer Ciera Schibi from the Office of Public Affairs made a quick announcement about the annual stock photos. Students can participate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 23 all over campus. If students would like to take part, they can contact Schibi at 581-2211 or email her at

There was no old business discussed. As per new business, Vice President Nikki Kirk conducted a quick legislation-writing workshop. If members of SGA want to write a piece of legislation, they can find the form on the SGA website. If they need help, they can visit the SGA officers on the second floor of the MCC.

The governing body also voted on the approval for the Supreme Court members, finance committee and two appointed officers – Parliamentarian and Sargent at Arms (list below). Supreme Court passed with 36 in favor, zero opposed and one in abstention. The finance committee members passed with 36 in favor, zero opposed and one in abstention. The appointed officer for Parliamentarian was not present and will be voted on next week. Thirty-six in favor, one opposed and zero in abstention approved the Sargent at Arms.

President Sidney McCormack received memorandums from University President John McArthur regarding legislations from last semester.

Resolution 114001 calling for a microwave in in the MCC was approved.

Resolution 114002 calling for extended Aggie Rec Center hours was not approved.

Resolution 114003 calling for a dead week at Cameron University was not approved.

Resolution 114004 calling for organization regalia was not approved by McArthur but was forwarded to Vice President Ronna Vanderslice for further consideration.

At next week’s meeting, Associate Professor of Communication Dr. James Heflin will teach a Parliamentary Procedure workshop to the SGA governing body.

Supreme Court Members
Ashley Brink*
McKenzie Talley
Eric Igo
Finance Committee
Casey Meek*
Colton Rancourt
Wyonna Alberty
Kelly High
Adeline Larsen
William Arby
Kristian Jimenez
Appointed Officers
Parliamentarian, Amber Smith
Sargent at Arms, William Irby

* Did not have to be approved because they were appointed by the president or had served in the position for one year.


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