SGA weekly: September 15, 2014

Kaley Patterson
Kaley Patterson
Copy Editor

More students filled the seats at the second SGA meeting of the year. Senators have been elected and organizations have chosen their Representatives. SGA is now ready to get this year underway.

To start off the meeting, Director of Campus Life Zeak Naifeh gave a couple of announcements. Naifeh will conduct a campus lighting tour. This venture requires students to walk around campus to survey areas that may need fewer shadows.

The State Board of Regents will host their annual leadership weekend retreat in Norman on Oct. 2-3. Cameron will pay in full for any student wanting to attend.

If students are interested in participating in any of these events they can contact Naifeh at

Next on the agenda, members of SGA divided into smaller groups to brainstorm topics for possible legislation. Students struck up many different ideas with most involving changes in food service and better parking.

If students have a concern about something on campus and would like to see a change, they can inform their organization’s representative, their school’s senator or they can visit the SGA office on the second floor of the MCC.

2014-2015 Senators

School of Liberal Arts

Cheyenne Knox, Freshman

Cassandra Tristan, Freshman

Temilade Adelusi, Sophomore

Kelly High, Sophomore

Wyonna Alberty, Junior

Zak Rajpari, Senior

School of Education and Behavioral Science

Bobbi Fugslang, Freshman

School of Business

William Irby, Sophomore

Waheed Gbadamosi, Junior

Colton Rancourt, Senior

School of Science and Technology

Sujana Rupakheti, Freshman

Megan Magness, Freshman

Alex Kolinski, Sophomore

Casey Curtsinger, Sophomore

Mariama Abramson, Junior

Lacey Flaig, Junior

Kristian Jimenez, Senior

Cody Jackson, Senior


Samuel Opara, Freshman

Rachel Carlson, Senior


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