Glover bids farewell to Cameron

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Jacob Jardel
Assistant Managing Editor

When the fall semester comes to a close, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Jamie Glover will step down from her position.

Glover, a Cameron alumna, has worked for the university in a variety of roles for 11 years, taking her current position in 2008. Regardless of her role, Cameron President John McArthur has commended Glover for all she has done in just over a decade of work.

“Since joining the Cameron University staff in 2003, Jamie Glover’s contributions to the university have been significant,” McArthur said. “Under her leadership, the Office of Enrollment Management has increased its effectiveness and support for our current and prospective students.”

“She has provided Cameron with a legacy of excellence in leadership and service,” McArthur said.
With all the roles she played at Cameron, Glover noted that she had one she needed to focus on more: the role of Mom.

“I love my job at Cameron University,” Glover said, “but I have two small children at home who are getting older and who are getting more and more involved with activities. I’ve just made the decision that I’m going to go home.”
To complement her time with family, Glover said she also plans to assist her husband with his career.
“I’ll be using my business and marketing expertise to help market and grow that business,” she said. “I’ll also have more flexibility to do what I consider to be my most important job, and that’s to raise my children and be a mom to them.”

Glover said she will take the time between now and December to make sure she gives the institution enough time to hire someone new and make the transition as smooth as possible.

“Any transition has its challenges and changes,” she said, “but I want to be here to make sure that goes as smoothly as possible because I do love Cameron University. I’ll always be a Cameron Aggie. I would never want to do anything to put the institution in a tough spot.”

In order to conquer the challenge of replacing Glover, McArthur noted that a restructuring of the job title would be in the works.

“In order to attract the most-qualified applicants to continue the momentum that AVP Glover has generated, we are revising the job title to more accurately reflect the responsibilities and initiatives that will be overseen by incoming personnel,” McArthur said.

However, Glover also mentioned that the transition from working at Cameron would be a huge challenge in and of itself.

“It’s one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made because I love my career,” she said. “It’ll be a big transition – one that will be filled with both excitement and anxiety, which I think is a good thing.”
With this new chapter in her life opening, Glover still believed that she would not be turning the page on Cameron University yet.

“I’m going to be going in a different direction with my career,” Glover said. “I don’t know how much of that will be work-related, but there will certainly be a lot of interaction with the individuals on campus because they’re part of my family now.”

“I won’t miss them because I plan to be around regularly and stay connected,” she said.
However, one thing she said she will miss is the student involvement that marked her time at Cameron
“[I will miss] getting to see that transition students make,” Glover said, “not just from what they’ve learned in their degree programs but to watch them grow and mature and change and figure out who they are. I will certainly miss seeing that.”


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