CU welcomes Chinese New Year

Evening celebration: Member of the Southwest Institute of Chinese Martial Arts entertained the crowd with Kung-Fu.

Evening celebration: Member of the Southwest Institute of Chinese Martial Arts entertained the crowd with Kung-Fu.

Sadie Jones

A&E Editor

Cameron University’s Asian Club provided students with a glimpse of Chinese culture in the Chinese New Year Celebration.

At 6 p.m. on Feb. 12 in the MCC Ballroom, members of the Asian Club, CU students and professors of the Music and Math Departments joined in celebrating the year of the horse.

Communication major and one of the Presidents of the Asian Club Helen Wong said the horse is part of a 12-year cycle of animals.

“In China, the New Year is as big of a deal as the Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday here,” Wong said. “The New Year is primarily a time to visit relatives, eat a lot of food and wish others good luck.”

The actual date of the Chinese New Year is Jan. 31. The Asian Club incorporated several aspects that are present in the authentic Chinese New Year Celebration such as food, music, dance, martial arts, fortunetellers and games.

Members of the Asian Club and others who participated dressed in authentic attire.

Wong said the club is only a few years old. Students do not have to be Asian to join the club.

“As long as the students are interested and willing to learn about different cultures, they are welcome to join the club,” Wong said. “The goal of the organization is to teach and inform students about other cultures, not just the Asian culture.”

Wong and her fellow President, CU Business major Aysha Shahid, began the evening by welcoming guests to their celebration. Chinese Professor Sally Shi followed by introducing the Chinese New Year. Assistant Professor of English and Foreign Languages Dr. Yingqin Liu and students then recited a Chinese poem.

Numerous activities were available for guests to participate in throughout the celebration. The CU MathCom organization provided math games while Chinese writing games also took place.

Attendees learned how to write their names in Chinese and also how to say “Happy New Year” in Mandarin.

Throughout the celebration, students and guests provided a diversity of performances. CU student Sujana Rupakheti contributed to the New Year celebration with a Napoleon dance, and Music majors Quinton Williams, Ashim Bohara and Kassandra Duran performed musical pieces. David Scott from the Southwest Institute of Chinese Martial Arts gave guests a special treat with his Kung-Fu routine.

Cameron Communication Professor Dr. Yanjun Zhao headed the game, “Interesting Facts about China” where she read several “facts” that were either true or false. Participants decided which statements were true or not.

“I am from Hong Kong,” Wong said. “And I didn’t know all of the facts. I really enjoyed the game, but I thought it was a little hard.”

Professor Shi ended the evening by singing the Chinese song “Shalala.”

The Asian Club also provided door prizes throughout  the evening which included traditional Chinese fans, noodles, variety of decorations and a small Asian notebook.


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