Quidditch Intramurals

Charlene Belew

Sports Editor

Starting Jan. 31, students and faculty will be able to seek their way to victory as the newest intramural sport flies into play — quidditch.

Student Activities Specialist Megan Canfield has decided to find a way to make the popular wizarding sport available to Aggies.

“It was something I wanted to do last fall, but it involved a bit more preparation than I had time for,” Canfield said. “So I did a lot of research into it. We’re putting all the equipment together for it.”

Quidditch teams are comprised of seven players to include three chasers, two beaters, a keeper and a seeker.

The gameplay will consist of poles that are about 6 ½ feet tall with hula-hoops attached. The quaffle, or the main game ball, will be a volleyball. The chasers will try to score the volleyball through the hoops attached to the polls. The beaters will be on the sidelines trying to throw soft dodgeballs, or bludgers, at the players on the field. Finally, the keeper will act as a goalie, and the seeker will try to find the snitch.

“Our snitch will actually be a cross country runner who has specific instructions to never not get caught,” Canfield said. “They won’t be running crazy around campus … The seeker on each team will catch them, and they’ll just give them the tennis ball. It’s really, really easy.”

In the Potter books, catching the golden snitch finishes the game. Canfield said that the games will last about thirty minutes if the snitch has not been caught.

Game days will be Friday afternoons. Students are invited to bring their own brooms; however, Canfield will be handing out pool noodles as substitute brooms.

Faculty members and organizations interested in playing can contact Canfield at 580-581-2217 or sign up at imleagues.com/Cameron.

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