PAC presents “Red 2”

Don’t cry over spilled milk: Sean Batiste makes himself a bowl of cereal that was provided at the “Red 2” movie night presented by PAC.

Don’t cry over spilled milk: Sean Batiste makes himself a bowl of cereal that was provided at the “Red 2” movie night presented by PAC.

Casey Brown

Staff Writer

Programming Activities Council packed the house with a showing of “Red 2” on three big screens at 9 p.m. on Nov. 19 in the MCC Ballroom. Students snacked on cereal and milk instead of the usual faire of popcorn and candy for this month’s installment of the PAC movie night.

“Red 2” is the sequel to the 2010 flick “Red” starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren. Bruce Willis’s character and his fellow retired C.I.A. agents reunite for a global adventure to find a nuclear device.

Junior English major Breanne Holley said she had yet to see the first film. Despite bad reports of “Red” from her friends, Holley said she was looking forward to seeing the film.

“I hope it is good,” Holley said, “I try to give my own opinions on movies, even if it is bad then I like to go see it for my own benefit.”

Holley had never been to a PAC movie night before but wanted to check it out to spend time with friends.

“This is a first,” Holley said, “but I like to try new things.”

Before the movie began, groups of friends and couples gathered to visit with one another and eat breakfast for dinner.

Tony Henderson, sophomore Communication major and PAC member, said he is glad that PAC shows movies for Cameron students. These movie nights provide students opportunities to see shows they would otherwise be unable to watch.

“I mean, it is pretty good,” Henderson said. “It gives people the opportunity to see movies that they want to see in the theaters that they never really get to see or have the money for.”

PAC decides which movie to show based on student votes. The organization has the opportunity to show a variety of movies before being released on DVD.

“We normally have a movie vote,” Henderson said. “We normally have a choice between six movies, then we get the people downstairs [in the MCC lobby] to vote. And out of all the choices the best movie is what we show.”

Meghan Canfield, PAC adviser, said in response to a survey, the side doors would be closed for the entire film. One backdoor would be left open for people to enter and exit while “Red 2” was showing.

“One of the issues that people have brought up again and again is that whenever people come in, the doors slam, and it interrupts the experience,” Canfield said.

PAC takes surveys at most events to get feedback and suggestions for any improvements to events.

“As many of the suggestions that we get, we try to accommodate as many that we can,” Canfield said. “Another suggestion that someone has put forward that I kind of like is to leave a section open for like bean bags or pillows and blankets, so we might try and see about that.”


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