New display showcases breathtaking talent

Work of art: Twenty-one year old Cameron student Karyn Ortega proudly poses in front of her painting “Barrel Race” during the show on Nov. 9.

Work of art: Twenty-one year old Cameron student Karyn Ortega proudly poses in front of her painting “Barrel Race” during the show on Nov. 9.

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Cameron University students and alumni shined in the Leslie Powell Foundation and Gallery’s “Lawton-Fort Sill Art Council” Show.

On Nov. 9, eight Cameron students exhibited their works of art depicting the theme “time” for the public. Many CU alumni also displayed their newest creations at the show. The exhibition kicked off at 7 p.m. at the Leslie Powell Gallery and was free and open to the public.

The art show featured works from CU art students and members of the Lawton-Fort Sill Art Council.

Twenty-one-year-old Karyn Ortega displayed her oil painting “Barrel Race” on the show’s opening night.

“I was excited,” Ortega said. “It was fun to see everyone’s art hanging and to see everyone else’s interpretation of time.”

Ortega said the theme was challenging for her at first. However, after she decided to create a new piece. Ortega incorporated the “time” theme into her style, one featuring depictions of horses and other Western staples.

“I have a lot of different art pieces, but I wanted to make something that reflected time,” she said. “I did not want to force the idea onto one of my works, so I decided to make a new piece that reflected time to me. My painting is actually of a barrel horse. Barrel racing is really about time.”

The Art major said she enjoys exhibiting her work as art shows allow her to meet many people and other artists.

“It gets your name out there. It gets you exposed and prepared for when you are out in the real world promoting your work,” Ortega said. “You won’t get into everything that you enter, but when you do, it is exciting and teaches you to work harder and to get into shows.”

Although she said she loves the experience of working with an easel, Ortega said she enjoys seeing her works away from the studio and in a professional setting.

“It is a different experience to see your art hanging, framed and in that lighting. It is different from when you are working on it on an easel,” she said. “It looks finished and professional.”

CU alumna Mary Baumann joined Ortega in the show. After graduating from Cameron in May 2013, Baumann continued her love for art and participating in exhibits.

“I like the opportunity to show people what I can do,” Baumann said. “It gives you those warm fuzzies.”

For the “time” theme, the former student said she based her piece “Blown Circuits” on a past assignment. However, she continued working on her painting, inspired by the musical and creative talents of one of her favorite bands.

“The assignment was to take an illustration and make it our own,” Baumann said. “I had been listening to Daft Punk; I like the robotic heads they use. I also like the pin-up style from the illustration. I wanted to make a story out of the two.”

To Baumann, she sees her piece as a mixture of old and new. The painting brings the past and future into one.

“It is pin-up style but also futuristic, so there are two different eras going on,” she said. “There’s the robotic and futuristic side, as well as the vintage pin-up style.”

While Baumann said she was nervous at first, she soon overcame her anxiety and enjoyed the opportunity to bring her art to others.

She said: “It was a little nerve-racking since there were so many people in there, but it was exciting to see everyone looking at my art work. I was also glad to see my old classmates and to see what they were up to.”

Baumann advises current and prospective art students to participate in as many shows as possible; she said each time an artist has his or her art on display, there is a chance for networking opportunities.

“Do it. Get as much publicity as you can without getting into trouble,” she said. “Take the chance and see where you can go.”

Both Ortega’s and Baumann’s pieces are on sale for $200 and $360, respectively. Their pieces – along with their current and former classmates’ – can be found at the Leslie Powell Gallery from now into December.


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