Financial Bootcamp helps students save

Who wants to be a Millionaire: Howard Styron gives students tips on how to save up and be financially stable.

Who wants to be a Millionaire: Howard Styron gives students tips on how to save up and be financially stable.

Jacob Jardel

Staff Writer

Cameron students learned how to earn wealth in the latest Financial Boot Camp at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 29 in Shepler’s Wichita Room.

This iteration of the Financial Boot Camp, the last one of the semester, was entitled “How to Be a Millionaire: Savings.” During the event, BancFirst Financial Adviser Howard Styron talked to students about how to do just what the title entailed.

The event started with members of Cameron’s colony of Delta Sigma Pi, the Honors Society of Business, welcoming guests and inviting them to food provided by Pizza Hut. After guests were settled with their food, the guest speaker took the floor.

Styron began with an explanation about the two types of people he sees in the world: spenders and savers. He elaborated on the different ways both types of people could become millionaires.

Styron said spenders rely on chance occurrences like winning the lottery or marrying into wealth to reach millionaire status.  In contrast, he stated that savers accrue and earn their affluence by way of smart decision making.

From that point, Styron gave the audience various tips on proper saving, spending and decision-making en route to creating personal wealth.

Senior Finance and Marketing major Waheed Gbadamosi, President of Delta Sigma Pi Cameron University, helped coordinate the event as a part of the organization. He thought that Styron did a good job getting the point of the event across.

“The speaker did great,” Gbadamosi said. “He shared knowledgeable experience on the matter of savings.”

According to Gbadamosi, the audience received Styron’s information quite well.

He said, “They learned about saving, things to do to save and the importance [of saving money].”

Gbadamosi also noted that the combination of good food, a good speaker and good information left a noticeable impression on the audience.

“The event went really well,” he said. “The audience was really glad we provided the event.”

This particular event is the last of a series of five talks sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi and Student Services which looked into different aspects of financial well-being. According to Gbadamosi, the focus of these workshops was to help students learn about financial empowerment.

Gbadamosi stated that this event, along with the other four in the series, succeeding in accomplishing that goal.

“We were able to create an avenue for people to learn about their finances,” he said.

He also stated that these sorts of avenues are part of Delta Sigma Pi’s drive to provide campus-wide access to events that could help students and others at Cameron develop skills Business majors learn about in their discipline.

Gbadamosi said, “Part of our goal is to create professional events that the campus will benefit from.”

With events such as the Financial Boot Camp series, Delta Sigma Pi has pushed forward in accomplishing this goal.

Gbadamosi mentioned that he is grateful for this event and for his team in regard to this particular bit en route to their goals.

He said, “I am really glad we took this up. My team has been awesome in preparation, organization and execution of the events.”

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