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Holden Rowe

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Cameron University students celebrated Diversity Day at noon on Oct. 29 in the MCC Ballroom.

Diversity Day is an annual celebration of the diverse cultures that Cameron’s student body represents, with roughly forty-five countries represented in Cameron’s demographic.

Students from every corner of the globe set up booths to proudly represent their unique culture; the local student population was also represented due to several clubs running booths to include their fields of study in the celebration of diversity.

Hailey Harris, a senior Art major, spoke about how she was involved in Diversity Day.

“For Diversity Day, I am part of the art guild, and the art guild is trying to show off art, so we made sugar cookies with paint pallets on top,” she said.

Harris said she hoped students took away more than cookies from the art guild’s booth.

“I hope they are intrigued in our art guild,” she said. “We started slowly, but for the past couple years we have started to get our name out there to the entire campus, and we are hoping that people are more interested.”

Harris also went into detail about how art impacts diversity and its role in the day’s celebration.

“It impacts it hugely because every single culture has their own type of artwork, and it all kind of goes into together. It is a way for cultures to express themselves artistically,” she said.

Harris talked about how what her Diversity Day experience was like.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “I ate tons of food, and I loved it all, and I think I’m going to go back for seconds. The Caribbean food was amazing, but the Germany table was my favorite.”

Gilron Charles, the public relations officer for the Students of the Caribbean Alliance, explained what he did to prepare for Diversity Day.

“We had about ten different cooks and they all made their meals individually and we came here and put everything together. It took a lot of organization,” he said.

Charles said that food helps to celebrate diversity because it is a good way to experience another culture.

He said: “Diversity shows unity, whether you are black, white, Asian or African; we want people to harmonize, and food does that. Food always unites. I guess that’s why Diversity Day is centered around food and festivity.”

For more information about Diversity Day, students can visit the Student Activities office on the second floor of the McMahon Centennial Complex.

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