Aggie Sneak Peek brings in prospective students

Preview: Assistant Director of Financial Assistance Robin Lee talks to possible CU students at the Aggie Sneak Peek. The event took place Nov. 2.

Preview: Assistant Director of Financial Assistance Robin Lee talks to possible CU students at the Aggie Sneak Peek. The event took place Nov. 2.

Kaley Patterson

Newswriting Student

At 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 2, Cameron Admissions hosted Aggie Sneak Peek for prospective students who are interested in attending Cameron University. The event was held in the MCC.

“Aggie Sneak Peek is Cameron’s fall preview day” Associate Director of Enrollment Management Frank Myers said, “It is the opportunity for prospective students to come visit our campus, see our facilities, learn about the admissions process, scholarships, and financial aid, and meet with professors, student organizations and student services.”

Students and their parents began flooding the east entrance of the MCC an hour before the program was scheduled to start. They were greeted by Cameron’s Aggie Ambassadors. The program took place in the MCC Ballroom.

To start the event, President McArthur greeted students and their parents. He informed the guests that Cameron is a wonderful place for students to receive their higher education.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Jamie Glover then explained CU’s admissions process, how students can enroll and how they can also apply for scholarships and financial aid. Glover also spoke about CU’s mission for southwest Oklahoma.

For a break from all the information, the Aggie Ambassadors came out on stage to introduce and explain the top five important things students need to know to be an Aggie: school colors black and gold, the pick axe symbol, Black and Gold Fridays, Ole Kim and the fight song. The ambassadors sang the fight song and then encouraged those in the audience to stand up, clap and try to sing along.

Next up, the Director for Student Development Jennifer Pruchnicki talked to students about life on campus: getting involved, organizations, housing and more. Pruchnicki also introduced the student panel made up of four Cameron students. When perspective students checked in, each visitor was given a bag with a t-shirt, information packets and an index card. The students used the card to write down questions that were given to Myers to ask the students in the panel. The questions varied from, “What is it like living on campus?” to “Is the food any good?”

“There’s genuineness to the student panel,” Myers said. “These students are not getting paid to talk about Cameron. They’re not up here because it’s their job. They’re just up there because they really like Cameron.”

The student panel concluded the Aggie Sneak Peek program, but the day was not over yet. The prospective students and their parents were invited to attend the organization fair in the Aggie Rec Center. Here, students could preview different departments and organizations while talking to representatives from each. The attendants also had the option to take different tours of the campus conducted by the Aggie Ambassadors. The tours varied from departmental tours to housing only or a full campus tour.

“I like that I get to inform people about Cameron” Jeremyra Cross, senior Psychology major and third year Aggie Ambassador, said. “I like showing them around the pretty campus. I also like getting them excited about becoming a potential Cameron student.”

Prospective students will have another chance to explore Cameron University in the spring. The Cameron Admissions office will hold a series of events that are academically based. Myers said there will be different days that are geared toward different departments.

If prospective students are interested in attending, they can contact the Admissions office at 581-2289. If current CU students are interested in becoming an Aggie Ambassador, they can pick up applications in the Admissions Office on the second floor of North Shepler. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Nov. 22.


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