Pac presents “The Conjuring”


James Meeks

Staff Writer

With Halloween right around the corner and the ghosts and goblins getting ready to come out to play, students of Cameron University came to the McMahon Centennial Complex Ballroom at 9 p.m. to face the horror film “The Conjuring.”

This is the third movie night of five planned by the Programming Activities Council during the fall semester.

Students ate Halloween themed treats and drank “bloody” kool-aid while they gathered with friends to watch the horror flick.

Krista Ortie, a Psychology freshman, had never seen the movie before and said she was a fan of horror films.

“The best part is being scared even when you’re sitting at home watching them,” Ortie said. “The scariest movie I have ever seen is Insidious 2.”

Ortie said she hoped “The Conjuring” would be as scary as or even scarier than her favorite horror film.

PAC hosts a movie night once a month. PAC receives these movies from Swank Motion Pictures. The company allows PAC to show movies on campus before they are available on DVD.

To promote the film PAC put out posters, banners and used social media to spread the word about the frightening film for students to enjoy. PAC member Shawn Houston even dressed up as a doll from the movie to scare movie-goers.

“We were brainstorming ideas how to advertise the movie, and it was then I suggested how about I dress up like the doll in the movie and pass out fliers, and students can take pictures of me if they want to,” Houston said.

Houston said the process of preparing the costume took 30 minutes. Applying the makeup required patience.

“The Conjuring” is considered a prequel story to the Amityville Horror movies. It follows the story of paranormal investigator team Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate a farmhouse in Rhode Island.

At the event, PAC allowed the student body to voice their opinions on what time they would prefer the organization to hold their movie showings.

Tiffany Ford, another member of PAC, surveyed students and kept a tally on what time students would like to see the future movie night events.

“We wanted to ask the students what time would be better for the movie,” Ford said. “We know nine is late for some people, yet again it is better because of sports and other events. We wanted to get a general consensus of the students.”

PAC members also promoted the upcoming Halloween Carnival that will be held at 6 p.m. on Oct. 29 in the Aggie Rec Center.

“We’ll have some carnival games for everyone to play,” Ford said.

The next movie night will be held in November. Ford said PAC members will announce a date once a movie is determined.


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