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Through the Chains: CU students regularly enjoy the game of disc golf on campus.

Through the Chains: CU students regularly enjoy the game of disc golf on campus.

Kali Robinson

Sports Editor

All Aggies are welcome in the Cameron University Disc Golf Club. Brock Cowen, President and Founder of the club, said he thinks it is an activity anyone can enjoy.

Disc golf is a sport, with rules similar to those of traditional golf, in which individuals or team members try to land a disc in a basket in as few throws as possible. As in golf, there are both ‘drivers’ and ‘putters’ that come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

“You don’t have to be crazy athletic to play,” said Cowen.

“There are not a whole lot of inexpensive sports available to all students, and disc golf is free.”

Although Cameron’s club only started last Fall, the same time the CU disc golf course was built, disc has been a part of Lawton’s culture for a few years.

The course at Elmer Thomas Park, originally set up at Kid Zone off of 38th St., has been in Lawton since 2008.

Jared White, adjunct professor and Aggie Alumnus, said he had not started playing until the CU course became available. White said Cowen was the one who introduced him to the sport and Cameron’s team.

“Your thirtieth game is where you get a little feel for it,” White said.

“They’re hard to throw.”

Just as in traditional golf, the price of equipment for disc golf can add up quickly. Players have different approaches to lower their costs and raise their total playing time.

White, not unlike many other players, has found a lot of the discs that are now in his bag. He said that he was in a creek one day and found a driver, which sparked his interest in collecting them. He said it kept them unique and made disc an even more interesting sport.

White is just one of twelve members of the Cameron club and one of many in the Lawton club.

“A lot of members join both just to get the opportunity to compete more often,” Cowen said.

The CU disc golf team meets up twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to play and discuss upcoming tournaments. These Aggies welcome everyone from novice to professional.

For more information, students and community members can contact the team on their Facebook as Lawton, Oklahoma Disc Golf.

Cowen recommends that, even if students do not join the club, they try out the sport. Discs are available to check out from the Rec Center for free to all Aggies.


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