A well of knowledge on essential oils

The science of scent: (Left) Shannon Day discusses the importance of essential oils with students and faculty. (Right) Day’s oil diffuser transforms oils into an aromatic vapor.

The science of scent: (Left) Shannon Day discusses the importance of essential oils with students and faculty. (Right) Day’s oil diffuser transforms oils into an aromatic vapor.

Kaitlyn Stockton

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With a swish of her diffuser, Shannon Day invited Cameron University students and faculty to relax with the aromas of essential oils.

The event, titled “Using Essential Oils for Wellness,” took place at 6 p.m. Sept. 25 in the Shepler Wichita Room. Day, a CU student and an independent consultant for dōTERRA, informed audience members of the importance of essential oils and the benefits of natural extracts. As many pharmaceutical drugs feature dangerous side effects – some even resulting in cancer – Day believes essential oils can be used as substitutes for these medications and assist students in surviving college.

Day began her event by introducing essential oils to the guests. The Environmental Science major not only presented her guests with information on the aromatic compounds but also brought free samples.

“They are a natural alternative to traditional Western medicines,” Day said. “We can take things from the earth and use them to heal ourselves in lieu of synthetic elements.”

According to Day, essential oils are found in the seeds, flowers and other parts of plants. There are hundreds of oils that a person can use to improve his or her emotional and physical wellness. For example, peppermint oil is known to ease breathing and can be used as a digestive aid. The oils can be applied to the skin, ingested or inhaled by using a diffuser to convert the oil to vapor.

Although Day was wary to begin using the oils, she experienced a moment where she saw the power of the natural extracts.

“My friend was involved with them. I had gotten sick, and she supplied me with oils even though I had refused her for years. At that point, when they worked, I thought ‘Wow. This is something really legitimate,’” she said. “A few months later, I started researching them to find their validity.”

Day decided to use only natural alternatives after researching the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Not only is it expensive, but it is also dangerous,” Day said. “Preschoolers are now the fastest growing group being put on anti-depressants. We have no idea how this medication will affect them and their development.”

Day also noted the advantages of using essential oils. She has seen them work wonders for coughs, colds and other ailments.

“Viruses can get into your cells. Most medicines cannot get into them. However, oils can penetrate the cell membrane,” Day said. “They can kill viruses and bacteria.”

As a college student, Day said the essential oils are beneficial, whether it concerns lifting moods or combating stress.

“We do get stressed out with school, and many of us have to work. Some of us have kids, husbands and families to take care in addition to just being a student. I really get concerned about the kind of load that things like aspirin and over-the-counter medications can have on your body,” Day said. “To me, adding synthetic elements that are man-made cannot be good in the long run.”

Day said she enjoys using her favorite oil – lavender – for its sweet scent and acclaimed calming properties.

“It’s calming when you get that type of anxiety,” she said. “It’s something that can help with anxiety before tests and things like that.”

As for her future, Day would like to hold more sessions at Cameron. She believes in spreading awareness of the dangers of medications and the benefits of essential oils to her fellow students.

“I did the Aggie Health Fair a few weeks ago. That generated interest,” she said. “I think there is interest; I think people just need to check it out.”

Day said she hopes students and faculty take something away from her session. As doctor visits and prescriptions are only becoming more expensive, essential oils are a natural, economical replacement.

“People living more naturally is definitely becoming something people as a whole are doing,” Day said. “The earth creates things that we can use, and they’re there for us.”


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