Monsters take over CU campus

Welcome to MU: CU student, Hannah Smart and brother, Justin Smart, smile behind the MU ID poster.

Welcome to MU: CU student, Hannah Smart and brother, Justin Smart, smile behind the MU ID poster.

Sadie Jones

A&E Editor

On Sept. 16, the McMahon Centennial Complex Ballroom transformed into a movie theater.

As Cameron University students entered with friends and family members, they received popcorn, chose from an array of candy and selected a seat in front of one of three screens provided. The Program Activities Council hosted its second movie night of the semester — “Monsters University.”

CU freshman and one of the co-chairs of the movie night, Amanda Thompson, said this particular movie night is different than the others.

“This is open to everyone—not just CU students,” Thompson said. “It is a family film, so we encouraged people who are not going to school here to come and bring their friends and family.”

The Hatons were one such family. Deb Haton, along with her daughter-in-law Bobbie Haton, brought three children and two friends.

“A friend of ours that is a student here sent me a text about the movie night,” Deb Haton said. “We thought it would be fun to come, bring the kids and enjoy a free movie — none of the kids have seen the movie in theaters, but they loved the first Monsters Inc. film, so they are really excited to see this one.”

PAC hosts movie nights once every month. The movies they choose have not been released on DVD yet — they are selected from a website called “Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.” Thompson said it provides options and keeps movie nights appealing to students.

Along with Thompson, the three other co-chairs of the movie night— Hannah Smart, Alex Kolinski and Roseanna Hamilton –  had the final say in selecting the movie for the event.

“Each PAC member voted between 10 different movies, and the other co-chairs and I narrowed it down to five, and then we all voted on ‘Monsters University,’” Thompson said.

PAC provides several events for CU students to attend and for that reason Thompson decided to join the organization.

“I am able to be a member of an organization that does fun stuff around campus,” Thompson said. “It helps that my friends give me ideas of things they would like to do because it allows the organization to know what types of activities students want to be involved in.”

Sophomore Biology major Joel Frambes attended the movie night. He said he hoped to be able to go to more PAC events.

“I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I decided to come because I love Pixar movies,” Frambes said. “I have been to a few PAC events, but I will probably be attending more because I always enjoy them when I come. There is a game night next Wednesday, and I am planning on going to that as well.”

Throughout her involvement in PAC, Thompson has gained skills and benefited from the organization.

“I have learned how to organize events,” Thompson said. “I have also met people and made friends that I originally wouldn’t have had I not become involved with PAC.”

Thompson and her fellow co-chairs of the movie night were pleased with the turnout and involvement from students and non-students.

“The  goal of PAC is to create an eventful college environment,” Thompson said. “I try to encourage students to want to be involved.”

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