Law and Politics Club emphasizes more involvement

Photo by Casey Brown

Photo by Casey Brown

Casey Brown

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The Cameron University Law and Politics Club held a regularly scheduled meeting at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 5 on the sixth floor of South Shepler.

Those in attendance including President Owen Sasser, Vice President Danny McQuarters, Secretary Susan Provost, Treasurer Jacob Martin and Faculty Adviser Dr. Richard Longoria de Voltair. The SGA Representative position is currently at-large. They were to discuss upcoming events, a parliamentary style debate and political awareness on campus.

The CU Law and Politics Club is a student-led organization with an emphasis on political awareness and involvement. Political Science major Provost said she joined the club three years ago because of her interests in the subject.

“I originally joined because I found out there was a club dedicated to something I have always held a passion for,” she said.

McQuarters said he ran for office this year because he too has a passion for politics and enjoys talking to others about new ideas.

“I like bringing new ideas to the table. I really like politics and I wanted to be really involved,” he said.

Students are involved with the CU Law and Politics Club for friendship, to inform fellow students about the issues that affect them and to discuss a variety of current events. The need for a continual, open-minded conversation is met within the CU Law and Politics Club. Provost sees the club as a safe space for such conversations.

“I value the group’s enthusiasm for involvement in the political process and being able to discuss various viewpoints civilly and in a way where you learn other points of view,” Provost said. “This year is shaping up to be very focused on political participation.”

McQuarters sees the same type of civility among the members of the club. Despite differences in political affiliations and philosophies, the conversations remain respectful.

“It is very fun to be in the club. We speak our minds about different issues locally, nationally and internationally,” McQuarters said. “This allows us to vent and complain and argue in peace and see how others view the world.”

The organization proposed to hold a politically themed parliamentary debate. The CU Law and Politics Club co-hosted the first debate with the Debate Team two years ago. The members discussed multiple topics and formats for the debate. Several members were active in the discussion and planning. Everyone in attendance showed an interest and enthusiasm in hosting such an event.

The debate will be on the values-based issue of Interventionism versus Isolationism in foreign policy. McQuarters is looking forward to the debate because it will bring awareness to students outside of the club. The debate is scheduled for Oct. 8. The debate will be an opportunity for students within the club to practice public speaking as well as collaborate with another student organization

McQuarters said he hopes that students across campus will be informed on the issues the CU Law and Politics Club will be discussing throughout the year.

“I want to inform students what’s going on in our world and remind them that they have a voice,” he said.

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