CCM transformed into a vocal powerhouse

Keeping it original: “Poetic Paul” performs an original song that he wrote for the CCM Open Mic Night.

Keeping it original: “Poetic Paul” performs an original song that he wrote for the CCM Open Mic Night. Photo by Kaylee Jones

Kaylee Jones

Assistant Managing Editor

Loud music could be heard in the parking lot at 8 p.m. on Sept. 12 as “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons played through a sound system in the Cameron Campus Ministries’ building.

“Open Mic Night” was about to begin.

Nolan Ellis, a senior Business major at Cameron University, acted as the emcee for the evening. Nolan said it was his second time to host the event.

“Last time we had a pretty good turnout,” Ellis said. “Hopefully this year will be the same.”

The night did not disappoint, as sixteen performers and several audience members made their appearance throughout the event.

Peter Macias, a CCM volunteer, played piano as late arrivals dispersed themselves amongst the tables after being greeted by Ellis and Galeda Jones, a Co-Director of Cameron Campus Ministries.

Ellis started the evening off without a microphone, introducing the first performer of the night, a man who went by the name “Poetic Paul.”

Paul shared a brief story of his salvation before performing three original pieces, including one entitled “Luke 9:23,” his self-professed favorite scripture.

After a hearty round of applause, three members of D.E.S. Gospel Family, a local gospel group, made their way to the front. After the first song, two new performers replaced two of the members. This happened for each new performance, as each song featured a different member of the group, with both male and female leads.

The audience bobbed their heads to the music, while the members of D.E.S. sitting out clapped and danced in encouragement of their fellow band mates.

The rest of the evening was filled with various forms of entertainment including: a lecture, performances by a rapper, two singers and two drummers.

“Open Mic Night is an event where people come to express themselves artistically,” Ellis explained. “They sing, rap, do poetry, comedy; it’s where they come to share their artistic vision.”

“Dayvito,” an upcoming young rapper, performed two original pieces titled: “I’m a Christian” and “Church Wars.”

Providing a feminine voice for the evening, CU student and performer “Queene” sang and rapped a rewritten version of pop artist B.O.B’s  “Nothin’ On You.”

Secular artist Dewey Benz also made an appearance, garnering lots of friendly laughter as he rapped both a cappella and along with prerecorded tracks.

Toward the end of the evening, drummer Ashton Hall made his way to the front of the room. Playing along to one of D.E.S’ tracks, Hall sent the group into an enthusiastic uproar. After Hall’s performance, D.E.S. took turns embracing him and shaking his hands.

A praise dance by “Ghost,” a male member of D.E.S. concluded the evening. Ellis thanked everyone for coming out to the event as performers formed groups to congratulate one another and introduce themselves.

Cameron Campus Ministries will host a 3rd Quarter event on Oct. 25, where Christian artist “Gospel Lee” will perform as the main act.

Students looking for upcoming events can visit the Cameron CCM website at

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