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Photo by Sadie Jones

Sadie Jones

Staff Writer

Cameron Campus Ministries (CCM) offered CU students and their friends a night of movies, fellowship, fun and food at 8 p.m. on January 25. at  Cameron Campus Ministry building.

Nolan Ellis, senior Business Major and CCM Intern, organized the event. Numerous CCM members and their friends took a break from work and school to hang out together and watch the movie, Pitch Perfect.

Ellis encouraged students to come and be involved in the CCM for a different way to kick off the weekend.

“This movie night is designed for students or non-students to come hang out and get to know new people,” Ellis said. “If someone doesn’t have something to do on a Friday night — they know they can come here.”

Matthew Whipp, a member of CCM, said he tries to be involved by coming to the weekly events like “Loaves and Fishes,” a lunch provided for students on Thursdays, as well as “The Search,” a bible study offered on Wednesdays.

“The CCM gives me something positive to do,” Whipp said. “It provides a Christian-based atmosphere and I have enjoyed coming here for years.”

The 28-year-old CCM member said he has been coming here since he was 18, and even though there have been changes, the CCM has always strived to reach out to the community.

“The CCM doesn’t only consist of CU students,” Whipp said. “This is multi-dimensional — they make everyone who walks in feel welcome.”

The CCM, composed of the Student Leadership Team (SLT), as well as other helpers and interns who are responsible for hosting and advertising the many organized events, are under the direction of Co-Director, Monte Jones and his wife, Galeda Jones.

In order for everything to run smoothly, numerous committees and helpers are required and the CCM is fortunate to have plenty who realize the importance of reaching out to students.

“The game and movie night that is offered once a month is the student’s responsibility,” Jones said. “However, Loaves and Fishes — which is offered on Thursdays — are sponsored by the CCM Board of Directors. My wife, SLT members and different church members help prepare the meal and set up for the lunch every week.”

In addition to hosting the numerous CCM events, the co-directors have other specific goals for the organization.

“My wife and I aim to plan and implement a variety of ministries and mission trips both on and off campus as well as in Oklahoma, and other countries.”

The CCM is not alone in hosting their events across campus, however. The Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) and the CCM often work together during campus events.

“We partner with the BCM during ‘See You At the Pole’ every semester,” Jones said. “Also, the CCM band played for campus-wide worship experiences that were partnered with the BCM.”

Ellis said the SLT are looking for new activities for students to be involved in and for different things to do on Wednesday nights for “The Search.”

“One of the events we are looking into is Open Mike Night,” Ellis said. “We would also like to have a special guest who is here to talk to students as well.”

The CCM’s Mission Statement is to “serve students, faculty and staff in their formation of Christian values and in their development of vital, healthy, spiritual lives that integrate Christian truths with active witness.”

The leaders and members of CCM’s ministry provide many opportunities for students, faculty and citizens of Lawton to be involved in their outreach with monthly movie and game nights, free weekly lunches, discipleship programs and campus wide events.

All of the CCM’s scheduled events are posted on the CCM Facebook Page and their Official Website ( The table they have inside their building is also available to provide students with information about upcoming events.

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