Freshmen welcomed at ice cream social

Story by Teewhy Dojutelegan

Video by Jacory Shannon

Cameron University freshmen had the opportunity to meet and talk with the President and all the Vice Presidents of the University at an ice cream social on Sept. 6.

The Ice Cream Social is an annual event organized by the Office of the President and is aimed at helping new students meet the school’s administration in a relaxed setting.

Cameron University President Cindy Ross said the event is a chance to meet freshmen.

“It is an opportunity to have the new students in the house and get to meet them informally and ask them how their semester is going,” President Ross said.

CU leadership has an open door policy that allows students to meet with and talk to the people in the helm of their affairs.


President Ross said she appreciates the chance to meet and talk to students.

“I chose a career in higher education because I enjoy the opportunity to interact with students,” President Ross said. “The transformation from when a student enters college to when they graduate is almost magical.”

President Ross also said that in order to be a successful President at CU, there is a need to know what is working for students and what can be improved.

“If I want to be an effective president at Cameron University,” President Ross said, “I need to know what their college experience is like, what is good and what we can do better.”

Austin Kendrix, a freshman Accounting major, was one of the students who attended the event.

Kendrix said he enjoyed the opportunity to socialize and get to talk to the President of the university.

“I enjoy socializing with my friends and the president,” he said. “It is interesting — a cool opportunity to get to the President of the school.”

Another student who attended the event was Nikole Repp, a freshman majoring in Psychology.

Repp said the event was fun for her and her friends.

“The ice cream social was really fun,” she said. “We got to talk to the President, who was really nice.”

Repp also said getting to talk to the President was a different but exciting experience.

“It is interesting because usually, higher up people do not usually communicate with kids but she was there chatting,” she said. “It was nice.”

For Repp, events like the Ice Cream Social are great because they help students stay in school.

“When you have friends around, it is more fun,” she said. “Being around people and interacting with everyone helps to quell loneliness.”

Dr. Ross had some advice for the freshmen, which included being focused and on task.

“Be organized, go to class and do not get behind in your homework,” she said. “Have fun — college should be fun — but prioritize.”


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