Local christian band is ‘Unrestrained’

by Fern Cepeda

A small worship concert took place Friday, Mar. 30 at Dayspring Community Church as a new local Christian band, Unrestrained, shared their music.

Gami Ortiz, guitarist and lead singer, wrote the first song performed, “Overwhelm Me.” He sang his heart out and smiled throughout the performance. When the song ended he introduced himself and his band members.

“We are Unrestrained. All of us have been up here playing for Dayspring as part of the Worship Band,” Ortiz said. “We collaborate in writing and sharing the music that God has given us.”

Ortiz encouraged the audience to stand up and clap to the music. As the beat filled the room, people could be seen standing up and swaying to the music. There was a lot of clapping, smiling and raising hands in the air.

A group of children danced in a corner of the room, laughing and clapping. They made a circle and held each other’s hands while the songs were playing. Once the music stopped, the kids waited anxiously for another song to dance to.

Unrestrained didn’t just play their own songs, they also played songs that they love.

The band played a lot of worship songs that audience members could sing to. A projector with the lyrics written out to their songs allowed everyone to sing if they wanted to join in. One song, “Everything to Me,” got a strong reaction out of the audience.

Mikalah Hunter, acoustic guitar and vocals, wrote the song “Everything to Me.” Several members of the audience closed their eyes and listened to the sounds coming from the stage. Hands were in the air and tears streamed down some faces.

Ortiz explained a little about each of the songs they played, and how God led them to those songs.

“These songs kind of tell a story, as God lead us as a group to give up more of ourselves to him,” he said. “Our album we have released is called ‘More of You,’ so as we ask for more from God at the same time we are giving more of ourselves to him.”

Ortiz said that it took about six months to complete the “More of You” album, which was released in February of this year. Unrestrained will be performing again at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 6 at the Word Alive Church, located at 2202 Southwest A Avenue.

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