CU earns healthy campus rating



by Angela Goode

Cameron University has recently been certified as a healthy campus.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health gave the certification in accordance with the Oklahoma Academy, the State Chamber and the Oklahoma Turning Point Council. This certification recognizes that CU provides health, wellness and opportunities that work to improve the health of Oklahomans.

Jennifer Holland, Vice President for Student Services, said that Cameron is devoted to providing that healthy environment.

“Cameron University is committed to providing a healthy campus environment that benefits students, faculty, staff and visitors,” Vice President Holland said. “As our students graduate, they possess not only the skills and abilities to join the professional workforce, but also the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

CU provides these life skills in the form of optional health insurance, physical exercise opportunities and therapy support.

Deanice Shegog, Director of the Student Wellness Center, said that the center provides an environment to help students with whatever health issues they may have.

“The Student Wellness Center has the philosophy of mind and body wellness, meaning that in order to have full health, a person must have a healthy body and a healthy mind,” she said. “Therefore, we promote overall wellness through a variety of education programs, in addition to the health and counseling services that we provide. Our counseling services include hypnosis services for tobacco cessation, weight loss, managing chronic anxiety and chronic pain management.”

According to Shegog, the Student Wellness Center is in the process of adding services.

“The Student Wellness Center is currently in the process of increasing the types of services that we can provide,” she said. “Recently, we added cold and flu packs, so students can come in and get over the counter medications to calm their symptoms and let them stay in class.”

Shegog explained the medication service in detail.

“We have added some prescription medications that the medical provider can administer,” she said. “For example, a student who has strep throat can now get an injection of antibiotic for free. This service saves the student money and keeps them in class.”

According to Fitness Center Coordinator Lendi Clodfelter, the Center offers a variety of classes and programs meant to aid students.

“Student Services is now responsible for the Fitness Center and Intramurals,” she said. “We have some exciting ideas for both. Overall health is important for learning, and our goal is to provide students access to resources to help them learn healthy habits and practice them.”

Clodfelter also said that the Center is always looking for suggestions.

“We are constantly seeking student input and would love to hear what ideas they have or programs they would like to see added,” she said. “Send us an email, share your suggestion in the suggestion boxes around campus or give us a call.”

For more information on any other programs offered as part of CU’s healthy campus program, students can contact Deanice Shegog at dshegog@cameron. edu or Lendi Clodfelter at

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