CU Fashion Show brings unique style


by Lizzy Owoyemi

The fashion show organized to raise funds for the Cameron University international students’ book scholarship was held at 7:30 on Saturday, March 10 at the University theatre. The theme of the show was “CU@ Fashion Week 2012.”

Ashley Rivera, eighth grade student from MacArthur Middle School said she got the inspiration for her design from her art teacher, Deborah McNally. The show began with a display of fashion creativity from MacArthur Middle School students. The deisigns on display included: Courtney O’Brien’s “Abstract Fire”; Stephen Maddox’s “The Sixth Element”; Matthew Underwood, Tyrese Miller and Deborah McNally’s ‘”Paris Jewel”; Gabby Howard and Taylor’s “Firefly”; Ashley Rivera’s “Fire Fantasy”; E’Lexus Merriweather’s “Smoke & Fire”; Matthew Underwood and Tyrese Miller’s “Orbit”; Alicia Lopez’s “Spring”; and Deborah McNally and Chyna Jackson’s “Heaven and Earth.”

“I got the inspiration of my design from my art teacher by trying to put together fire and smoke,” Rivera said. “I felt fire was unique, and that flames would give more meaning to the design.”

The hostess of the show, Eloise Herbert, a sophomore Communications major, welcomed the audience to the show and explained how CU has made huge strides in its effort to develop cultural diversity on campus. Herbert also explained how CU has increased its international student population tremendously since the 1990s, growing from less than 20 to over 200.

The show was composed of various segments during which the models displayed various designs with different styles. These segments included Caribbean Gardens, Colors of Dynasty, Classique Retro, Economy of Style, Urban Limited and Super Bass Black dress.

After every segment, there was a raffle drawing, and anyone whose ticket was picked was given a prize. Eloise gave a vote of thanks to everyone who contributed to the event, and also gave a brief description of every design.

In the Caribbean Gardens segment, the models displayed various batik kaftan designs that exhibited nature’s paradise.

This segment showed the audience of how relaxing the islands can be once the blazing sun has disappeared.

With the Color of Dynasty, Eloise gave a brief history about the spirit of Ole Kim. In this segment, the models wore the Cameron t-shirt in different styles in order to exhibit the school’s pride.

Merita Tyrell-Mitchell, coordinator of the show and one of the models, played a role in the transformation of the t-shirts.

Tyrell-Mitchell explained that her inspirations were for her love for her university, Cameron’s colors and Ole Kim.

“I am fascinated by the way Ole Kim can evolve into different characters.” Tyrell-Mitchell said.

The Classique Retro segment was about time travel. This segment featured fashion of a retro era, showing off vintage clothing, fads and slang.


Classique Retro told the story of the ever changing and evolving world of fashion. The models recreated the fashions of the past, recalling a time when retro mini-dresses were the talk of the town.

The Economy of Style was about spending less on looking good. The segment focused on making sensible style purchases for everyday reality, and showed how a small budget should not stifle one’s style.

The two final segments were the Urban Limited, Tahira Simmons’ designs, and the Super Bass Black dress.

According to Eloise, the show was a success. With brief history before every segment, the audience had the opportunity to learn few things about the different aspects of fashion.

“The background information was informative and entertaining, because people learned about what fashion is all about,” Eloise said. “I think the show was successful and gave everyone a great appreciation of international culture.”

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