Art Exhibit preview at CU Duncan

Photo by Tyler Boydston




By Tyler Boydston

Video by Kyle Bush

Artists at Cameron University have recently gotten the chance to show off their drawings, paintings and sculptures. Their works were seen at the annual art exhibit, which took place at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 31 at the Simmons Center in Duncan.

The exhibit, which showcased CU Art students’ works, is a way for students to show their artistic ability to the public.

Junior Graphic Art major Roseanna Hamilton had two pieces on display at the exhibit this year, one of the two being a painting.

“My painting is called ‘Becky’,” Hamilton said. “She was one of the models in our class. I asked if I could put it in the show this year. It was my final in Figure Drawing. I would say I spent over twenty hours on it.”

Hamilton’s other piece that she entered in the exhibit was a model by the name of “3 Roses.”

“The assignment was a persona,” Hamilton said. “This represents my heritage. I have one mask to represent the Hispanic, one to represent Indian and one for my African-American heritage.”

According to Hamilton, there are some specific criteria that the professors in charge of picking the art are looking for.

“We’re allowed to submit several pieces for the exhibit,” she said. “Our professors look for professionalism, creativity and imagination.”


Hamilton’s favorite part of the exhibit was showing what she had learned through her art.

“I really enjoy being able to show the gifts and talents that I’ve received from Cameron University,” she said. “It’s very exciting to show my friends and family the different transformations in my art.”

Another student who put his work in the exhibit was senior Graphic Design major Corey Longest, who submitted his charcoal drawing of a skeletal study to the event.

“The main history behind the piece is that in my Figure Drawing class we did a study over skeletons,” Longest said. “We had the composition set up in the studio. It was an actual skeleton with a plaster cast and a cloth. I used a charcoal medium to show the composition of the skeleton.”

According to Longest, the exhibit is Cameron’s way of showing to the public the strength of the Art department.

“My favorite part is just seeing everyone’s work getting out there and being visible to the public,” Longest said. “It feels good to have everyone see it, to remind everyone that we have a really strong Art department out at Cameron.”

Junior Graphic Design major Fatima Rivera also submitted a collection of five paintings to the exhibit. According to Rivera, each of her five paintings was about an instrument she plays: the bassoon.

“Behind all of these is my bassoon,” Rivera said. “No one gets to look at what a bassoon really, truly looks like, so I wanted to do close-ups of it. I just love the mechanics of what the bassoon really looks like.”

Rivera said that the process for the five paintings took the entirety of a semester, beginning with the introduction of painting and ending with seven bassoon paintings.

“There are supposed to be seven paintings, but two are missing,” Rivera said. “. We had to have one done for each week. Before we actually got to paint an item, we had to do color wheels and six color plates.”

According to Rivera, the best part of the paintings was learning the art form.

“It was so much fun to learn color and painting,” Rivera said. “This is my first actual painting. I really liked it.”

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