New organization aims to connect students

by Ashleigh Fletcher

Moms and Dads on Campus is a new student organization planning to make Cameron University more parent and child friendly.

Theresa McGrath, CU instructor, serves as the current advisor to the club and describes how the organization came into being.

“The organization was founded last spring with hopes to serve as a support group to single parents, but once things got rolling we realized our group would be beneficial for all parents,” McGrath said.

McGrath said that after realizing their organization could help the parental masses, they quickly held their first meetings and described themselves with the following mission statement.

“Moms and Dads on Campus is a network of Cameron students who are also parents. We provide support for the present students and serve as mentors for incoming and future students. We provide a forum for discussion of policies and services that affect students who are parents, and we organize family friendly events and projects that help to create community among the students and their families.”

McGrath feels strongly about the purpose of the group to serve as mentors and offer parent-to-parent help.

“We plan to serves as mentors to young parents and parents returning to school,” she said.  “We want to help.”

McGrath also highlights the importance of education and takes a more personal approach to the way being a parent and a student can benefit families.

“I think a lot of parents coming back to school only focus on the hardships of the situation and do not see the benefits,” McGrath said. “I think a parent helping their son or daughter with English and then their child helping mom or dad with math will instill the value and importance of education in the child”

McGrath and the growing group are currently gearing up for their first event.

“Our fist event will be at 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 18,” she said. “This will be an event, we are hoping, that will inspire creativity in all who attend.”

The exact location of this event will be announced soon.

The group has invited Oklahoma storyteller, Sam McMichael and local artist and former President of the Lawton Ft. Sill Art Council, Sandra Dunn, who will be leading the children in a watercolor workshop.

This event is open to anyone who is interested, and being a parent is not required to attend.

The group has an online blog and message board where parents can connect and share advice, opinions or ideas. Links to these sites are listed on the Moms and Dads on Campus Facebook page.

McGrath urged the importance of posting and sharing ideas. She also emphasized the possibility of the difference it can make.

“We are trying to make campus more parent and child friendly,” she said. “The greatest thing anyone can do is post. The more people talk and share ideas the better. This is where change will start.”

Students interested in more information about the organization or upcoming activities can contact Moms and Dads on Campus by email at

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