Dr. Stanley

The Collegian staff and AggieCentral.com would like to extend its regards to the family, students and friends of Dr. George Stanley. The passing of Dr. George Stanley marks the end of an era for a wonderful teacher and mentor to countless students and faculty. Thanks to his tireless work to further the lives of his students, the legacy of Dr. Stanley will live on.

Cameron University is indebted to Dr. Stanley for the heartfelt and devoted contributions he made to the school and his students during his four decades on campus.

A much earned tribute to this man, who will be missed very much on this campus, will appear the in Feb. 21 issue of the Cameron Collegian.

1 thought on “Dr. Stanley

  1. It’s always terrible to lose a person you knew, cared for or respected. It’s all the more difficult when it was someone with such a profound legacy.

    Dr. Stanley was one of those professors that cannot and never will be replaced. Even if you ignore the vast knowledge the man had accumulated, or even the life experiences that he could share, you will never be able to find a professor that could be so humble and so generous with his knowledge.

    I never had the honor of participating in any of his classes, sadly. But I felt almost as if I was a student of his from our many interviews and conversations. He was so eager to share everything he had learned. I did consider it an honor to have the opportunity to listen to him on many, many occasions. I truly feel sad that no one else will have that chance now.

    My condolences go out to not only Dr. Stanley’s wife and family, but to the English and Foreign Languages Department faculty, staff and students and to the entire Cameron University campus. This is a loss that will be felt for a long time.

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