Engineered for Success

By Xavier McClure

Staff Writer

Throughout the month of February, the Engineering Club has been preparing for the Homecoming events around campus.

Most of their work started on Feb. 11; members helped with supplies, painting and coloring designs for the Sandwich Board and Foam C events.

Associate Professor of Engineering Dr. Sheila Youngblood and advisor of the Engineering Club said she has high hopes for this year’s Homecoming events.

“We’re also doing the relay, so they’re pretty excited about that,” Youngblood said. “Should be exciting to see the differences this year.”

From two to four p.m., club members helped with activities while Dr. Youngblood guided them and gave advice; overall, students mostly run the Engineering Club.

Though Homecoming draws to an end on Feb. 22 with the crowning of the Homecoming Monarch, the Engineering Club will stay busy and engaged on campus. The club participates in many campus events and its members stick close to one another.

“Week to week, it kind of varies,” Youngblood said. “The students, in general, do a lot of studying and commiserating together. At least each month, they have a meeting, and the meetings tend to be partially social where they talk about what’s the next event they want to do.”

Overall, the Engineering Club participates on-campus but also in the community. Whether it’s the spring, fall or summer semester, they dedicate their time to promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research.

“We host National Engineering Week,” Youngblood said, “so we have a variety of activities that week that culminates with a women’s conference, which is pretty great — a leadership in STEM conference.

“Engineering Club is very active in an outreach event that we do in the fall for middle school students,” she said. “It’s called ‘It’s Mathy.’ Typically, our club is even active in the summer with some of the outreach activities we do.

“Typically, we have our Engineering Academy for high school students,” Youngblood said. “Then this year, a bridge program for incoming freshman students, and so the Engineering Club will be assisting in that as well. We also do some bonding things throughout the year.” 

While the club has only been active for four years, they are engaged on-campus and accept all students.

Students are welcome to join anytime; the club meets in the second floor of the Sciences Complex.

The Engineering Club will present research and posters at the upcoming CU Research and Scholarly Activities Day. The event starts at 1 p.m. on Feb. 28 in the McCasland Ballroom of the McMahon Centennial Complex.

For more information about the Engineering Club, contact Dr. Youngblood at

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