Students leave competition in chalk dust

Chalk Zone: Junior Rachel Thompkins works on her horse drawing for the competition.

Chalk Zone: Junior Rachel Thompkins works on her horse drawing for the competition.

Charlene Belew

Student Life Editor

PAC invited students to soak in the sun and show off their artistic abilities at its Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition. The event was held from 10 a.m. –  4 p.m. on Oct. 8 between the MCC and the Science Complex.

PAC members separated participating students into four different categories. These sections included Cameron themed singles and non-Cameron themed singles and teams. Students who participated in teams were allowed up to three members in their group.

Sweta Patel, a Political Science sophomore and PAC member, said the event took about a week to plan with at least three hours of office work. PAC provided the chalk for students as well as pickaxe points upon signing up for the event.

Patel explained that these kinds of events are important for PAC to host. Activities  allow the organization’s members to spread their  CU spirit and  friendly attitudes to fellow students.

“This is so people can get involved and so they can meet people and make friends on campus,” Patel said. “We’re just a friendly, friendly organization.”

Patel said students should look forward to social events as they allow students to escape and take a break from their daily stresses.

“We can get people to know that college also has some fun in it too,” Patel said.

Senior Art major Roseanna Hamilton took some time to draw a tiger for her piece in the competition. She said that her tiger, named Spot, was a way to reflect her creativity. Hamilton said she was happy to have the opportunity to show her talent on the university’s campus.

“I like really vibrant colors in all of my work. That’s my strongest point,” Hamilton said. “Through art, I’ve learned the use of color.”

After 4 p.m., three judges decided the winners of the contest. For the individuals category, Ron Warren won best “Cameron Related.” Tim Thompson took home the award for best “Other.” As for the groups, Linsey Comer, Kara Mahorney and Brittany Nolan won the award for best “Other.” These students were given blankets as prizes.

Students looking for more information on PAC or on upcoming events can attend the weekly PAC meetings at 6:30 p.m. every Monday in the Buddy Green Room.


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